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Lyrics to &39;Bad Reputation&39; by Joan Jett: I don&39;t give a damn &39;bout my reputation You&39;re living in the past, it&39;s a new generation A girl can do what she wants to do and that&39;s what I&39;m gonna do An&39; I don&39;t give a damn &39;bout my bad reputation. An&39; I don&39;t give a damn &39;bout my bad reputation Oh no, not me An&39; I don&39;t give a damn &39;bout my reputation Never said I wanted to improve my station An&39; I&39;m only doin&39; good when I&39;m havin&39; fun An&39; I don&39;t have to please no one An&39; I don&39;t give a damn &39;bout my bad reputation Oh no, not me, oh no, not me I don&39;t give a damn &39;bout my reputation. Will reprimands the club members, and for their weekly club assignment he has the students find songs with bad reputations and rehabilitate them, performing Ice Ice Babyas an example.

An&39; I&39;m only doin&39; good when I&39;m havin&39; fun. Bad wrap is considered wrong and is best saved for referring to wraps and tortillas. When Kurt steals a video of Sue performing Olivia Newton John&39;s Physical from her office during Cheerios practice, the club members decide to post it on YouTube as a joke. Special Appearance. " On first listen, the song comes off as your typical explosion of teenage angst, but on a deeper level, Jett&39;s contribution to rock &39;n&39; roll history is actually a stern critique of the male-dominated world of the popular music industry and the musician&39;s refusal to fit into such a mold. More BAD REPUTATION images. Then there were a few bands that covered it, and it just took off. I don&39;t give a damn&39;bout my reputation You&39;re living in the past it&39;s a new generation A girl can do what she wants to do and that&39;s.

Can I give a damn Bout my Bad Reputation? The album was produced by Tony Visconti, and the title track, co-written by band leader Phil Lynott, co-founder member Brian Downey and Californian import Scott Gorham, runs to a little more than three minutes, but as somebody once said in an entirely different context: length isn&39;t. Bad Reputation was recorded in Toronto between May and June of 1977 and released September 2 the same year. Jeremy Ratchford as Nick Vera 5. · On BAD REPUTATION “Bad Reputation”, Shawn reveals his love for a girl despite her having a bad reputation.

Ely† Juuso V¨alim¨aki‡ Janu Abstract We construct a model where the reputational concern of the long-run player to look good in the current period results in the loss of all surplus. Special Guest Stars. Sue is mortified and in retaliation gives Figgins a list she has found, called a "Glist" which ranks the glee club members based on a sexual quotient. " This quote is in refere. Is your reputation worse than others? referencing Bad Reputation, CD, Album, RE, RM,, BCollectors looking to buy directly from this label be very very cautious. I ordered 2 discs and for 4 months saw absolutely nothing. Research shows that, contrary to popular perception, when compared to other means of social evaluation, reputation matters measurably less than other factors.

Bad Reputation ( film) Bad Reputation is a American documentary film about the career of rock musician Joan Jett, directed by Kevin Kerslake and written by Joel Marcus. As he’s speaking to her, he displays that he’s committed to her no matter what is said about her. His teenage son only wants to get to know the legendary father he has heard about all these years only to be disappointed when his father doesn’t live up to expectations and his ex-partner in crime wants him back in the robbery game. 7 out of 5 stars 88.

Bad Reputation is a song written by Joan Jett, Ritchie Cordell, Kenny Laguna and Marty Joe Kupersmith and released as a single by Joan Jett. See full list on glee. " When this started getting airplay, it attracted the attention of record labels and Jett signed a deal with Boardwalk. This is very Poor and these releases are Not what they are being sold as. · "I don&39;t give a damn about my reputation," shrieks rocker Joan Jett on her hit single "Bad Reputation.

Maury Sterling as Tommy Connell 7. The hand of a man the police thought was a fugitive since 1997 turns up with no body attached to it. Bad Reputation R • Documentaries • Music • Movie • The life and career of Joan Jett from her early years ripping it up onstage as the founder and backbone of hard-rock legends The Runaways, to her solo career and the enduring presence as a rock &39;n&39; roll pioneer and mentor. People choose Pit Bulls for dog-fighting simply because they’re a strong and large breed – not because they’re monsters. . Iqbal Theba as Principal Figgins 2. Bad rap is the original phrase meaning &39;a bad or undeserved reputation. Only 2 left in stock (more on the way).

. During the interrogations, Puck told Mr. Never said I wanted to improve my station. Gigi Rice as Jules Murphy 6. The cop who put Pete in jail couldn’t wait for him to fail so he could put him back where he belonged. Owning the 3 Tim Curry albums they issued, and from the Steve Hoffman Forum, Bad Reputation have used MP3 Files to “remaster”, instead of the Original Master Tapes!

| Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples. Rob Nagle as Bernie Murphy 4. This is a vivid portrait of a music industry survivor who refused to take no for. Mean dogs frequently aren’t properly socialized as puppies. What is bad reputation? Dijon Talton as Matt Rutherford. Bad Reputation (Music From The Original Motion Picture) Joan Jett.

Please don&39;t forget to subscribe if you enjoy this video! I don&39;t give a damn bout my bad reputation! Your bad reputation may be worse in your head than it is in the eyes of others. Bad Reputation soundtrack from, composed by Various Artists. Because it’s fairly abstract, we tend to measure company reputation on a qualitative scale that ranges from “good” to “bad” rather than with a numeric score. As a result, Sue actually thanks Kurt for his actions.

Since then, the song has been included on multiple Joan Jett & The. I was trying to give her the advice of an old man, but she was a teenager at the time, and she says, &39;Look, I don&39;t care about my bad reputation. Kathryn Morris as Lilly Rush 2. Tracie Thoms as Kat Miller.

James Earl III as Azimio Adams 6. Released by Legacy Recordings in containing music from Bad Reputation (). Schue that he was just moving the Glist from Rachel&39;s locker, so it wasn&39;t him.

· A high school girl wrongly branded as the school slut embraces her &39;bad reputation&39; and takes revenge on the kids who have made her life a living hell. It is performed by Juliette BAD REPUTATION Barnes and Luke Wheeler at a bar in the Season Four episode How Can I Help You Say Goodbye. How did bad reputation BAD REPUTATION get famous? · Bad reputation definition: Something&39;s or someone&39;s reputation is the opinion that people have about how good they. · Bad Reputation’s intro is a mash-up of the Slits’ “ Typical Girls,” Lesley Gore’s “ You Don’t Own Me,” and Joan Jett’s “ Bad Reputation. The man in question is Pete Doyle, a criminal legend in the neighborhood who went away on robbery charges but was later released.

If you have a bad reputation as a gossip, openly refuse to talk about others, and confront others when BAD REPUTATION you hear them gossiping. Bad Reputation are very Poor at Remastering. Dogs Aren’t Born Bad. Naya Rivera as Santana Lopez 5. Aggressive dogs aren’t born that way. They learn Pete, recently released from prison, had been making an earnest effort to make a fresh start, but was hindered by his old partner trying to get him back into the game, his son who was eager to follow in his footsteps, and harassment from the cop who arrested him. An&39; I don&39;t give a damn &39;bout my reputation. The life and career of rock ‘n’ roll icon Joan Jett from her early years ripping it up onstage as the founder and backbone of hard-rock legends The Runaways, to her long time collaboration with Kenny Laguna as Joan Jett & The Blackhearts, and her enduring presence in pop culture as a rock pioneer and mentor.

“Bad Reputation” was first released by Joan Jett during her short solo career, on her debut album of the same name in 1980. Oh no, not me, oh no, not me. · Reputation is a culmination of how society, including customers, stakeholders, employees, and the general public, views a business or individual. Go off the grid and take a break from social media and online. &39;" This song made a very bold statement, establishing Jett as an independent-minded rocker with no concern for traditional gender roles in rock.

The song&39;s re-release gains Sue a position in the top 700 recording artists, ending the ridicule by her col. Bad Reputation ∗ Jeffrey C. Patrick Gallagher as Ken Tanaka 3. If Thin Lizzy got a bit too grand and florid on Johnny the Fox, they quickly corrected themselves on its 1977 follow-up, Bad Reputation. That was the beginning of the song becoming known. This is a pretty interesting story and perfectly.

Gregory Mikurak as Pete Doyle, Jr. Teaming up with legendary producer Tony Visconti, Thin Lizzy managed to pull off a nifty trick of sounding leaner and tougher than they did on Johnny, yet they also had a broader sonic palette. Figgins tells Will that he must find the creator of the list, or he will be forced to disband the glee club and suspend all of its members. &39; Bad rep, which contains the literal shortening of &39;reputation,&39; has historically been interpreted as a spelling error, but has seen enough usage to merit entry. For example, if you have a bad reputation as a selfish person, make extra effort to help others. Pete’s defeat is complete when he decides to join his ex-partner in another robbery. ” Every episode concludes with “Wavelengths” by Death Valley.

Synonyms for of bad reputation include disreputable, discreditable, infamous, notorious, disgraceful, ignominious, louche, mean, scandalous and shameful. Stephen Tobolowsky as Sandy Ryerson 4. John Pyper-Ferguson as Pete Doyle 2. The album was then remixed and the title was changed to Bad Reputation.

Olivia Newton-Johnas Herself. His ex-wife had remarried and wanted nothing to do with him and warns him to stay away from their son. About Press Copyright Contact us Creators Advertise Developers Terms Privacy Policy & Safety How YouTube works Test new features Press Copyright Contact us Creators. Paul Wesley as Pete Doyle, Jr.

&39; I said, &39;Whoa, there&39;s the song. · Your bad reputation may be worse in your head than it is in the eyes of others. Bad Reputation is a American documentary film about the career of rock musician Joan Jett, directed by Kevin Kerslake and written by Joel Marcus. The documentary traces Jett&39;s musical career from the formation of the Runaways through her subsequent partnership with songwriter and producer Kenny Laguna. Pete tried to live the straight life for the sake of his son but his past kept getting in the way.


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